SFCGAL  1.3.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CConstGeometryVisitorVisitor for const geometries
 CCoordinateRepresents the Coordinate of a Point (wraps either an empty structure, or a Kernel::Point_2, or a Kernel::Point_3)
 Cdo_toPoint_dPrivate structures used to implement partial function specialization
 Cdo_toPoint_d< 3 >
 CEnvelopeRepresents a bounding box
 CExceptionBase SFCGAL Exception
 CGeometryOGC/SFA based Geometry abstract class
 CGeometryCollectionA GeometryCollection in SFA
 CGeometryInvalidityExceptionSFCGAL Exception thrown when invalid geometries are found before entering an algo
 CInappropriateGeometryExceptionSFCGAL Exception thrown when geometry is inapropriate for a function
 CLineStringA LineString in SFA
 CLogger[Singleton]Logger class
 CMultiLineStringA MultiLineString in SFA
 CMultiPointA MultiPoint in SFA
 CMultiPolygonA MultiPolygon in SFA
 CMultiSolidA MultiSolid
 CNonFiniteValueExceptionSFCGAL Exception thrown when non finite value is found
 CNotImplementedExceptionSFCGAL Exception thrown when a function is not implemented
 CPointA point in SFA
 CPolygonA Polygon in SFA with holes
 CPolyhedralSurfaceA PolyhedralSurface in SFA modeled as a Polygon soup
 CPreparedGeometryA PreparedGeometry is a shell around a SFCGAL::Geometry
 CSolidA Solid modeled with an exteriorShell and interiorShells materialized by PolyhedralSurface
 CSurfaceAbstract Surface class
 CTransformRepresents a coordinate transform
 CTriangulatedSurfaceA TriangulatedSurface in SFA modeled as a Triangle soup
 CValidityClass, convertible to bool, that stores the reason why a geom is invalid
 CWktParseExceptionSFCGAL Exception thrown when parsing WKT